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Dungeon Kurashi No Moto Yuusha
Dungeon Kurashi No Moto Yuusha
Name : Dungeon Kurashi No Moto Yuusha
Alternate Name : A Former Brave Resident in the Dungeon ; A Former Brave Resident in the Dungeon THE COMIC ; A Former Hero Resident in the Dungeon ; Бывший герой, проживающий в подземелье ; ダンジョン暮らしの元勇者 ; ダンジョン暮らしの元勇者 THE COMIC ; 던전살이 하는 전 용사
Year of Release :
Status : Ongoing
Author : Minesaki Ryūnosuke, Shikage Nagi,
Reading Direction : Right to Left
Genre : Action Adventure Comedy Drama Ecchi Fantasy Romance Seinen Supernatural
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Chapter Name Date Added
Chapter 1: Stuck In The Wall… A Woman’S Butt? : Feb 24,20
Chapter 2: A Mysterious Demon Maid Approaches The Hero Rapidly! : Feb 24,20
Chapter 3: Two Heroes Meet Again Inside The Demon Lord’S Hideout? : Feb 24,20
Chapter 4: After A Long Rest, Irene Is…? : Feb 24,20
Chapter 5: No Mercy For Captured Preys!! : Feb 24,20
Chapter 6: What’S The Goal Of The Female Knights Approaching Blum? : Feb 24,20
Chapter 7: Blum’S Unknown Past. : Feb 24,20
Chapter 8: Frederica Is Being Swallowed By A Sea Of Tentacles! : Feb 24,20
Chapter 9: While The Deadly Combat With The Female Knights Continues, Blum Is…? : Feb 24,20
Chapter 10: The Aftermath Of The Battle Against The Female Knights : Feb 24,20
Chapter 11: The Shocking Truth Behind Frederica Revealed?! : Feb 24,20
Chapter 12: The Fate Of The Defeated Female Knights Is…? : Apr 13,20
Chapter 13: Meanwhile, What Is Irene Feeling…? : May 11,20
Chapter 14: A New Chapter Begins Together With A New Ally! : May 11,20
Chapter 15: Will Al’S Problem Finally Be Revealed…? : Jul 13,20
Chapter 16: Beware Of The Monsters In The Dungeon! : Sep 15,20
Chapter 17: The Plan Of Our Tactician Frederica Begins! : Oct 10,20
Chapter 18: Al Is Secretly Watching The Battle…! : Oct 17,20
Chapter 19: The Harlem Squad Is Being Surrounded By A Wall Of Soft Bodies! : Nov 17,20
Chapter 20: What’S The Real Identity Of The Mysterious Female Knight…? : Nov 26,20
Chapter 21: Al Will Finally Open Up To Blum…! : Dec 04,20
Chapter 22: Trust Your New Allies And Let The Strategy Begin! : Jan 01,21
Chapter 23: What’S The Destination Of This Newly Formed Party…? : Jan 29,21
Chapter 24: Talking About Their Feelings… : Jan 29,21
Chapter 25 : 14 hour ago